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DAYS 4-6

Read Part 1 here.

Day 4

Take a walk through the Urbano Kabaj Park, located in downtown Cancun it's easily

accessed and best of all ... it's FREE! This park is abundant with wildlife, picnic areas, museums and play areas. The star of the show is the coati that roams around the area, closely related to raccoons these small ring-tailed mammals are very used to people but I still wouldn't recommend trying to feed or pet them. You can also try to catch a glimpse of a range of animals from snakes, birds, turtles and crocodiles.

Day 5

Around 80 miles south of Cancun is the town of Tulum, an ancient Myan port in Yucatan. The archaeological site is extensive and there is a lot of history that I could never fit into one blog so if you are keen to find out information about that I'd recommend going on a guided tour. The tour I booked was through Viator and they picked me up from Cancun, it was around a 2-hour drive to Tulum where the guided tour was then included. I would have liked to have more time to explore the site though so if you don't want to be rushed I would recommend making your own way there.


This vibrant city is located in the middle of the Yucatan peninsula, around a 2 hour drive from Cancun. Most tourists opt to visit Valladolid on the way back from Tulum and it is something I would highly recommend. Brightly coloured buildings surround the central fountain, it is easy to navigate I felt very safe just wandering around without a guide. The star of the show is the San Servacio church on the south end of the square, unfortunately, I couldn't go inside but the outside alone is beautiful.

More Cenotes: Surrounding areas of Valladolid are rich with cenotes to choose from so if you're still craving some water time it is easy to take an extra trip to any in the near area.

Day 6

On your last day make sure you get everything packed first so you can enjoy any spare time before the journey home. Make sure you check out my 'How to Pack Like a Pro' blog to give you a headstart. In these times of COVID make sure you double-check that nothing has changed since you've been away.

Have a Safe Trip!

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FooD ExPlorer
FooD ExPlorer
Jul 12, 2022

I recently visited Mexico 2x this year and love it there. I am looking for other areas of Mexico to visit. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Will save for future reference.


Sounds so fun! Hope you had a great time

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