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Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Planning a trip to Mexico but don't know where to start? Only have a short time to explore? Here is my 6-day itinerary to give you the starting blocks to build your own trip...

Days 1-3

Day 1

Arriving at your hotel, if you are flying into Cancun's airport you will be bombarded with taxi services you can use. Like anything at an airport, these are overpriced so you are best to try and pre-book a transfer service, although, like our transfer, they may not turn up so it's best to have some cash ready in case of emergencies.

The hotel I chose to stay in was the Oh! Oasis Urban Hotel, in the downtown area of Cancun. Unless you are planning to stay in the hotel the entire holiday I would highly recommend you pick a hotel in the downtown area rather than the more touristy 'Hotel Zone' to give you easier access to explore the city without wasting money on endless taxis.

Depending on what time your flight arrives and whether or not you suffer from jet lag, you can utilise the rest of the day to get yourself familiar with your surroundings, and even go out and explore the local restaurants for dinner. Be sure to check out the hotel amenities pool/gym/bar etc, they might even have some discounted last-minute trips available!

Day 2

Zona Arqueologica El Rey is very much 'hidden in plain sight' very few tourists visit it even though it is so easy to access and cheap! It is a sight of Mayan ruins featuring a small temple and some ceremonial platforms. You can hire a guide or just wander around the site yourself.

Entrance Fee Per Person: 65 peso / £2.66 GBP / $3.33 USD

Right across the road is one of Cancun's most loved beaches with multiple viewing platforms, swings and photo points to explore. Now this area can get quite busy and you may find yourself queuing to get the perfect photo.


I initially tried to get an Uber which did not work very well, the drivers kept accepting and then cancelling the jobs so we ended up getting a normal taxi. The driver then explained to us that the Hotel zone has a restriction on what taxis can work there so it may be best to book through your hotel reception if you're unsure.

Top tip: If you are visiting Mexico during the summer months it is best to wake up early and beat the midday heat.

Day 3

Time to see one of the new seven wonders of the world...Chichen Itza! An incredible Mayan civilisation in the Yucatan state and one of the most remarkable structures to have ever been built! I booked a tour with SAT Mexico through the app Viator. I had the most incredible tour guides Norma and Antonio who gave us more information than I could ever write in a single blog post. Even if you're not particularly interested in architecture this trip will not disappoint and is my number one recommendation for a trip to Mexico.

This trip also included a few hours at Cenote Saamal to eat and swim. If you want to swim you have to hire a lifejacket for 50 peso per person and can also hire lockers for 50 peso each as well. There are a lot of uneven, slippy stone steps down to the water but if you'd rather not go down to the water you can still see from the top. Surrounding the cenote there are restaurants and shops which I'm sure your guide will show you around.

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My Haute Talk
My Haute Talk
Jul 16, 2022

What a nice trip. Thank you for sharing all the fun. Love the photos!


Now I wanna go to Mexico!!

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