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Sweet Snacks

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

One of the best parts of any trip is experiencing new foods and I have tried some amazing meals... as well some not so great. I defiantly have a sweet tooth so am always on the lookout for a sugary snack, here are a few of my favourites...

Mini Doughnut Balls - Latvia Christmas Markets

Christmas markets are notoriously expensive but I have found some of the best food and drinks at them so it's always worth a look around. These mini doughnut balls are from Riga with a range of toppings from chocolates, fruits and honey they have one to suit any tastebuds. On a cold winter's evening, they are the perfect snack to keep you warm while shopping around the markets.

Trdelník and Ice Cream, Clock Café , Prague, Czech Republic

Also known as chimney cake, Tredelník is made from rolling dough around a stick which is cooked over hot coals traditionally topped with either sugar or cinnamon. There are hundreds of shops in Prague dedicated to selling Tredelník so there will be plenty of options for you to choose from, the Clock Cafe is one of the most popular and sits right in the heart of the main square. I've had them both plain and with filling, the one shown below is with a cinnamon coat, caramel filling topped with vanilla and chocolate ice cream. Whether you choose the plain and traditional or with all the extra topping they are both an amazing treat.


If there's one thing that Brugge does well it's chocolate! Almost every shop on the high street is selling it and there's no better way to enjoy it than with a waffle and strawberries. If waffles aren't your thing you can try some handmade marzipan which is just as prominent as the chocolate shops, there are plenty of samples available so be sure to try them before you buy.


In the Italian heat, gelato is the perfect snack to cool you down and there is no better place to take a break than at the Trevi Fountain. Not only is this my all-time favourite place in Europe it is also home to one of the best Gelatos shops, with a huge selection of flavours including some with fresh fruit it is definitely worth taking the time to stop and grab one. The fountain takes up the majority of the square so in busy times it can get very crowded and you may struggle to find a place to sit unless you get there early morning or late evening. Despite the crowds and queues, you will find yourself in awe of the beautiful fountain and ice cream is no better way to stop and take in the sights.


There are a few of these stalls dotted around central Manhattan and although a waffle from here can set you back upwards of $8 it is worth every bite! If you’ve got a sweet tooth you will love their range of toppings from hot chocolate and peanut butter sauce to churro powder you might have trouble choosing what to order.

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