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Is This The Best Airport Outfit?

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

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Who Are Big Wild Thought?

Big Wild Thought are a clothing and accessories brand based in Sheffield, UK producing designs with meaning. Every design supports an animal or world issue donating 10% of profits to charity so you can help a cause close to your heart and revamp your wardrobe.

Their designer Hollie designs all of their embroidery which is then produced within weeks. There are some new exciting items coming out at the end of March so keep your eye peeled.

Why Have I Partnered with Them?

I am obsessed with their gorgeous designs and their excellent reputation for providing quality products and customer service.

Unlike social media, travel isn't always 'go go go' there are a lot of days with

waiting around, overnight buses or even just sitting around in an airport so their products are perfect for those more relaxed travel days.

What Products Have I tested?

Colour: Natural Raw

Size: Small

Price: £45

Colour: Natural Raw

Size: Medium

Price: £55

Colour: Khaki

Price: £40

My Final Thoughts...

Would I recommend it?

Yes, 100%. Here's why;

Is it affordable?

Obviously, everyone has a different idea of affordability but for a company that uses fair trade companies and donates 10% of the profits to support a wide variety of charities then their costs are more than reasonable.

Are there options for everyone?

Children, men's and women's clothes in a range of styles and sizes and colours so I'm certain that everyone could find something they love. Don't need any more clothes? Take a look at their accessories!

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