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UK Adrenaline Adventures

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Ever wondered what it feels like to fly? Or maybe you want to clamber along a cliff face?

Here are my top three UK adventures for adrenaline junkies ....

Zip Lining

Ever wondered what it feels like to fly? ZipWorld, North wales, hosts the fastest zip line in the world where you can soar across Penrhyn Quarry at speeds of over 100mph!

The experience starts with the ‘Little Zipper’ but don’t be misled by its name, although small in comparison you will still reach impressive speeds of up to 40mph hovering 72 meters above ground, after which you are taken in Zip World truck up to the Adventure Terminal which houses the start of the ‘Big Zipper’. The terminal sits on an unbelievable viewpoint that looks over the Penrhyn Quarry, the stunning views are reason enough to visit and the staff will allow you some time to take in the sights whilst watching other participants take on the Big Zipper. On both zips you will lay face down on a bed whist your harness is attached where then the bed is lowered suspending you at the start of the zip. There are 4 lines adjacent to one another so you can race your friends and family down to the finish line. Due to the incredible speeds whilst soaring down the Big Zipper, it only takes approximately 50 seconds from start to finish but it will be one of the most surreal experiences which I highly recommend.

Price: £35-50 pp (GBP) - Some providers will require a minimum number of participants to pre-book.

Duration: 3 Hours - Some providers also offer full-day sessions.


Ghyll Scrambling

Price: £35-50 pp (GBP) - Some provides will require a minimum number of participants to pre-book.

Duration: 3 Hours - Some providers also offer full day sessions.

What is it?

Also known as gorge walking involves climbing up/down a mountain stream whilst climbing waterfalls, exploring caves and jumping in pools. The Lake District hosts some of the best Ghyll Scrambling experiences which can be catered to most ages and abilities only required a good level of swimming and water confidence. Whatever trip you decide to take one thing is for certain - you will get wet!

What will I need?

  • Base layers to keep warm.

  • Shoes, old trainers or sturdy water shoes would be ideal.

  • Board shorts are usually required to be worn over the wetsuits to reduce their wear and tear.

  • A towel … or maybe two.

  • Change of clothes.

  • Companies will usually provide you with a wetsuit but always check before you book.


Via Ferrata

Scared of heights? Via Ferrata may not be the activity for you, literally translated it means ‘Iron Way’ and is essentially a climbing route guided and marked out by cables and metal rungs embedded into the rock. Honister Slate Mine in the Lake District holds the UK’s most popular Via Ferrata. Honister has two varying routes are led by highly trained guides and provide all the essential equipment such as harness and helmets.

Via Ferrata Classic caters for those who are less experienced but still offers adrenaline-filled adventure with stunning views of the surrounding landscapes. The is a great option for those with younger families.

Via Ferrata Xtreme is a more challenging route with more exposure and is aimed at those with more confidence and requires a good level of fitness. This route also tackles an infinity bridge suspended 2000 feet above the valley floor with a final climb up a cargo net crossing to reveal breathtaking views of the surrounding fells. Depending on the weather you can catch a glimpse of Buttermere and Crummock in the distance.

I would recommend wearing sturdy walking boots/shoes with warm layers and waterproofs. You may want to wear gloves but I would not advise wearing anything loose item of clothing (e.g. scarfs) as you will most likely be asked to remove it to avoid anything getting stuck in the equipment.

If you have got energy after scrambling across the cliffs you can also explore below ground level within the Honister Slate mines with a range of tours and adventures below ground. You can follow the link to see the full list of activities.

Price: £40-45pp (GBP)

Duration: 2.5 - 3.5 hours

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