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A FREE Walk Around Sofia

Walking around a city is one of the best ways to get to know the culture and people. You get to experience the sights, sounds, and smells of the area and can often discover hidden gems you wouldn't otherwise find. Plus, it's an excellent way to get some exercise while exploring!

Here are some of the FREE sights you can see along the way;

#1 - Banya Bashi Mosque

This mosque sits on the main road and is easily accessed from all angles, although defiantly most attractive from the front. It is not a 'tourist attraction' however, visitors are welcome to go inside during prayer times as long as they are moderately dressed and remove shoes before entering.

#2 - Saint Petka Church

This orthodox church is just down the road from the mosque in the middle of the main path so you can't miss it. Although not the largest or most ornate church in Sofia its quaint character is worth a look.

#3 - St. George Rotunda Church

Surrounded by modern buildings you will find this Roman church nestled in an alcove just off the main road with its remains filling the rest of the square.

#4 - National Bulgarian Archeological Museum

In all honesty, this museum was a little wasted on me as I have little interest in archaeology but this museum houses Bulgaria's biggest collection so it's worth a visit if you have a spare half hour.

#5 - st alexander nevsky

This is the main attraction for most people and there is far more information out there than I can put in one blog but all I will say is this is a must-see!

#6 - Monument to the Tsar Liberator

Down the street from the St. Alexander Nevsky stands a statue commemorating the Russian emperor from the Romanov dynasty Alexander II the Liberator.

#7 - Church of Sveti Sedmochislenitsi

You've guessed it... another church! Yes, Sofia is riddled with churches to explore and this is a true example of one I just stumbled upon unplanned so I'm sure this will be the case for you if you decide to visit.

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