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As Matt from MediaBound Agency, our collaboration with Jess in the travel industry has been a fruitful endeavour. Her proactive approach initiated our partnership, which yielded creative and engaging content for our client's brand. Through thoughtfully crafted blogs and stories, Jess captured the essence of the brand, making the campaign a uniquely expressive experience.


Working with Jess has been an absolute pleasure. From the moment she contacted me to now, our working relationship has always been so rewarding. We both love bouncing ideas off each other and the collaborative process always turns out lush! I can't wait to design more for Escape to Earth.

reader reviews


Simply inspiring - not just the standard travel blog that seems impossible to ever achieve, but a blog full of tips and experiences that are not only incredible but also budget AND eco friendly... And poster-worthy photos to go with it! I can't wait to see where you go next!


I found Escape to Earth to be the most helpful resource whilst looking for travel advice. It really felt like I was reading some advice from a friend! Everything was laid out online very clearly and was easy to follow. I loved seeing all of the photos from Jess’s travels and it made me so excited to go on my own.


I love reading the Escape to earth blog as it gives me real life tips, tricks and informations regarding travel, now myself I’m not too much of a traveler at the moment however I am looking to get into travelling across the globe as soon as the pandemic eases up, I find that the escape to earth blog give me helpful information when researching certain destinations that don’t usually have descriptive information about them. Escape to earth has opened my eyes to the good and the bad’s of travelling which when you think of the bad, it can be such a daunting feeling, however I feel at least knowing that I’m getting reliable information and facts from the blog helps me plan and stay focused for future travel plans and certainly makes me feel at ease. As all travellers know we can only dream about places to travel, we may not always get there but I love the fact Escape to earth will give detailed descriptions on places they have traveled which make me feel as though I have been transported there myself, by sharing photos and memories from there adventures. Escape to earth definitely make travelling come to life from your phone or laptop enticing you to expand horizons and take the leap of faith so if you are looking for that push, I would definitely recommend to take a look at the website and see for yourself and start to build or continue your world wide travels.

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