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What Have I Not Missed About Travel?

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

By now we are all itching to get back to travelling and are dusting off our suitcases in anticipation. Lockdown has highlighted all the amazing things that we miss about travelling but I have to admit there are some things which I don't miss at all!

Gauja, Latvia
Gauja, Latvia


Controversial I know and some people will be shocked at this as a lot of people love this part. For me it's just a lot of stress about how much to pack, trying not to forget anything, working out what I want in my carry on etc. I've tried lists, packing in advance, packing last minute but it's just not something I enjoy.


This seems to be a more universal dislike and there tends to be two types of people; those who unpack straight away and do their washing the same day they get home and then there are people like myself that tend to leave the suitcase still fully packed for days on end. I could say that it's due to the fact I usually have work the next day or the flight gets in too late but I have a feeling I would do the same thing even if I wasn't going back to work. I'm sure I'm not the only person who does this...

you know who you are...

Crowds in front of the Mona Lisa, Louvre, Paris, France


This year especially has shown us how important human contact is and although lockdown restrictions are easing I'm sure we will see certain protocols in place for a while yet. Although I am happy restrictions are lifting I have to admit I am relieved that a lot of tourist attractions will inevitably have restrictions on the number of visitors. A prime example is the Louvre Mona which sees over 10 million visitors a year with crowds mainly focusing on the Mona Lisa taking up the entire room to see the well-known painting.


I am a firm believer that you do not need to be rich to travel. Whether you choose to explore your home country, use a working visa or just splash the cash on an extravagant luxury holiday there is a way we can all travel if you choose to make it a priority. Having said that I do understand there is always some sort of cost even if it's just petrol or spending money. With lockdown I have been able to save that money which I would usually spend on travel expenses, some of you may decide to use that for future travel costs, maybe upgrading a flight or having some fancy dinners. However don't feel compelled to spend the savings, you may want to keep it for a rainy day or put it towards other things like a car or a house deposit, at the end of the day a lot of people have changed their priorities since the beginning of lockdown so there is no harm in reassessing where you want to spend your money.

Solo Traveller, Wales Uk
Wales, UK


Even the most experienced travellers can get caught out by scams and they can easily ruin your experience or cloud your opinion of an area. Unfortunately, there are scams everywhere even in your home country and despite everyone's best efforts, I'm sure the majority of people have been caught out by some sort of tourist trap.

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