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Best Burgers

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Like most people, a massive part of travelling for me is trying the local cuisine. I love to try new foods and often order items on the menu that I have never even heard of. However, there is nothing quite like the home comfort of food that you recognise and I often like to order food that I recognise.

I've lost count of how many burgers I've eaten on my trips, some good ... some not so good. Here are my top three places to order a burger when you're looking for some home comfort...

Ellens Stardust Diner

New York, USA

If you need a break from the bright lights of times square Ellens Stardust Diner is just a short walk from there although you may want to plan your evening as wait times for the popular restaurant are normally over an hour so make sure you bring a coat. You will definitely be hungry by the time you are at the front of the queue times but it's well worth the wait and it's an experience like no other diner. Famous for its singing waiters/waitresses the diner has Broadway standard performances while you enjoy the all American menu. Don't be shy to request a specific song they will be more than happy to fill requests when they can.

Grivița Pub&Grill

Bucharest, Romania

Although maybe not the most authentic Romanian cuisine it is easily one of the best burgers I have ever tried. If you do decide to visit don't be disturbed by the floor being covered in peanuts ... yes peanuts! It is their signature that everyone is served with a free glass of peanut to enjoy pre-meal and they sweep the shells up at the end of the night. Although the food was incredible I do have to say that I would not have felt comfortable eating there alone as a woman, the staff are very flirty and over-friendly, especially towards female customers. I hate advising women to go places in a group or with a partner as I feel that they should be respected enough to travel where we want but the fact is that in some cultures the attitude towards women is just not the same as in the UK.

Burger and BurgerBruges, Belgium

Nestled between the endless waffle and ice cream shops is this small independent burger restaurant, pretty much any type of burger you can think of they have it. The portions are large and definitely a nice change from all the chocolate and marzipan that I ate whilst there. If you're a mushroom fan they do an amazing beef burger with a mushroom filling that I recommend, if you're not a mushroom lover there are plenty of other options.

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New York



That mushroom burger looks incredible! Loved reading about hamburgers in other countries!


Bryan Carey
Bryan Carey
May 21, 2022

I don't have any plans to travel to Europe anytime soon, but New York is a possibility. And Ellens Stardust Diner would make a good choice for lunch!

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