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Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Famously known as the home of Dracula, Romania is relatively unpopular with tourists and it is a true hidden gem in Europe. It hosts some of the most breathtaking landscapes, stunning architecture and mouthwatering food.

Dimitire Gusti - National Village Museum

This museum is literally an entire village which you walk around and explore, located in the heart of Bucharest it is definitely one of the must-sees in the city. The village showcases an array of different historic and cultural buildings along with artefacts and artwork. Not only is there an entire village to explore they also have loads of cultural activities throughout the year, folk dances and fairs just the name a few.

Entry will cost only cost 15 Romanian Leu per person

(equivalent to around £2.70 GBP), you book tickets and see what's on here.

(Just down the road from the Village Museum you can see the Arch of Triumph.)

Peles Castle

Peles Castle is about 1 hour 30 minutes drive from the city centre of Bucharest and on the route the roads are surrounded by vast wilderness and some of the most spectacular natural landscapes I have ever seen. You can prebook excursions from the city and I would recommend looking at Get Your Guide for tours.

The castle and its grounds do get very busy during the day so definitely get there early to avoid the rush. Interior tours take place throughout the days and will show you the grand hallways, staircases and showcase an impressive array of armour and weaponry.

Bran Castle

Take a tour around Bran castle and learn about its history as well as the famous Dracula tales, the whole castle is set up like a walk through museum so you can easily navigate your way through. There are plenty of tight narrow staircases so might be best to leave your heels at home. Once you've explored the inside of the castle there is still plenty to see in the surrounding grounds with some market stalls and restaurants.

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