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How To Avoid Delhi Belly

One of the first questions I'm asking when someone finds out I've visited India is whether or not 'Delhi Belly' is genuine... well... Yes! Although I was lucky enough to avoid the unpleasant experience myself it was probably down to some precautions I took along my trip so here are some guidelines to follow:

Only Drink Bottled Water

Now I am usually the first to preach about using refillable bottles, but tap water is not always safe to drink in India. Water-born diseases are very prominent so it's best not to risk it and dehydration can exacerbate other issues like sleep deprivation. This rule also applies to ice as these are usually made with tap water so avoid ice at all costs even though it can be tempting in the heat.

Be mindful of this for everything that could have been in contact with the water, salads are usually a no go along with glassware and cutlery. Even small habits like rinsing your toothbrush under the tap can be enough to make you ill.

No Buffets

I love a buffet as much as the next person but many restaurants in India do not keep their foods properly stored or heated in between customers so I would only recommend a buffet if you know it's been freshly cooked and put out.

Wash Your Hands

India is one of the most polluted countries in the world so you need to wash your hands constantly! We don't realise how much we touch our faces throughout the day so carry some hand sanitiser with you in case there aren't any washing facilities (not an uncommon occurrence in public bathrooms).

Consider Meat-Free Meals

For the majority of meals I had outside my hotel, the meat was undercooked so I ended up just avoiding it for the latter part of my trip. If you can't live without meat then just take a moment to ensure everything is cooked thoroughly before eating.

Prepare For the Worst

As many precautions as you take there is always going to be a chance of getting ill on holiday especially in a highly polluted country like India so make sure you bring some medication if the worst does happen so you don't have to worry about searching for a pharmacy. Please make sure you take it in the original packaging so airport security doesn't confiscate it.

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Nicole Booth
Nicole Booth
Aug 29, 2022

I get asked this a lot from my trip to india. I was unlucky enough to get an infection from the water aswell, so definitely some great tips here and double check in restaurants. I was lucky i didn't get delhi belly though.


Good tips! This is similar to what I did in Mexico, brushing my teeth with bottled water was weird, but worth avoiding getting sick!

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