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Updated: Jun 17, 2023

Collaboration with PIN TRAVELER

Mock up image of the Pin Traveler App

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Whether you're a seasoned traveller or embarking on your first journey, Pin Traveler is my must-have app. From trip planning to on-the-go AI recommendations, it is the perfect app for your next adventure.

So ... What does it do?

Screenshot of the Pin Traveler travel APP


The main tool of this app is the pins which allow you to log and track all the places you have visited and will even allow you to put them into subcategories using different colour pins and wishlists. For the free version of the app, they give you a limited number of pins which may be good for those just starting to log their adventures but for more experienced travellers I'd

Screenshot of the Pin Traveler travel APP

recommend the premium as you have unlimited pins!

Not only does this give you a clear visual indication of where you've been but also allows you to keep track of everything all in one place. Want to know the name of a restaurant you visited 5 years ago? No problem!

AI Recommendations

Struggling to plan a trip? Or maybe you've got a spare day before you return home. Pin Traveler utilises AI to customise and recommend itineraries just for you. Simply pick a destination, answer a few questions and just like magic... recommendations specifically for you!

Sharing Travel Experiences

Love sharing your travels with family and friends? Pin Traveler allows you to share your memories with others including locations, wishlists, photos and future plans for a real collaborative experience.

Screenshot of the Pin Traveler travel APP

Pin Traveler also shares with you their itineraries and pin maps for recommended destinations so you get to learn from others' experiences as well.

Final Impressions

I highly recommend this app to everyone, whether you use the free version or upgrade to the premium there are features for everyone. The app is really easy to use and understand but if you do have any issues the team are always on hand to help and have even made a tutorial for you to watch. I will be logging all my trips on the app so let me know if you want me to share my destinations with you so you can plan your next trip!

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