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3 Ways You're Wasting Money On Holiday

Hand holding a fan of South African Rand in cash.

With the majority of things going up in price, it is more important than ever to be smart with our money, especially when it comes to holidays as they can be a huge expense if not planned correctly. Here are a few ways you might be wasting your pennies...


Packing only what you need can help you travel more comfortably and efficiently. Overpacking will likely lead to excess baggage fees which can quickly add up and cause unnecessary stress if you purchase more items whilst on your trip to bring back with you.

Me sitting on boat going down the River Nile, Egypt with my Ray Ban glasses on, an all white outfit and a black and white scarf over my shoulders as a shawl.

Buying a New Wardrobe

Now I'm not saying don't buy new clothes for a trip, I often buy new items to take with me but I'm saying you definitely don't need to buy one of everything. If you already have ten swimsuits do you really need another one? Or maybe you can sell one you already own before buying a new one? Fast fashion is engrained in our culture and nobody is perfect (I certainly contribute more than I'd like). All I am saying is to think about all the scenarios you can wear an item before you buy it. If you will wear it on every holiday for the next ten years then great. If it's just for one photo then maybe consider something you already own or make sure you sell/donate it after you're finished.

Christmas market stall in Berlin, Germany.

Buying Souvenirs

While souvenirs can be a nice way to remember a trip, they are not a necessary expense for enjoying a holiday and you certainly don't need to buy something for every friend and family member. I often just buy one small item as something to bring back or something I will use/wear on future trips. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide whether souvenirs are worth the expense and effort but in my opinion, you shouldn't buy souvenirs for everyone you know and plan a budget for yourself.

Being mindful of our spending habits while on holiday can lead to a less stressful and more enjoyable travel experience. By avoiding unnecessary expenses you can save money and redirect those funds towards memorable experiences!

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